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Please be patient with us. We are working hard, in concert with our web developer, to upload enough information links for you to be able to see for yourselves why we must fight these specific issues to defend our environment and wildlife. In today's climate of 'fake facts' we find it critical to provide access to answers for every question.


Setting Expectations

We need to put all legislators on notice that we are watching their actions and ready to support good legislation - or fight damaging legislation.

We need the news media to know that we are no longer going to tolerate Entertainment in lieu of News Reports.



Save Our Public Lands: Targets Democrat Senators
Save Our Public Lands: Targets Republican Senators
Image and message:
Save America's Public Lands



Save Our Public Lands: Targets Democrat Senators - PENDING
Save Our Public Lands: Targets Republican Senators
Image and message:
Save America's Public Lands



H.J.Res69 (passed to Senate) & Related S.J.Res18

Do NOT allow hibernating grizzlies & their cubs to be killed in their dens!

If passed, the most devastating kill methods that can be used on National Wildlife refuges in Alaska will once again be brought to bear on ecologically essential predators.

For example, grizzlies and their cubs will be killed while hibernating in their dens.

Wolves and their pups - killed in their dens.

Wildlife kills will again be allowed from helicopters.

Once again, it will be allowed to bait and trap grizzlies and black bears with steel-jawed trps and neck wire snares.

All on National Wildlife refuge lands!

All using OUR taxpayer dollars!

More details and Tweet-Sheet






H.F. 2160: Prohibiting use of snares in Minnesota!

NPS saves bear that is trapped in a snare - 2014.
National Park Service staff save Bear 854 - a favorite of wildlife tourists for years. Thankfully, she was able to pull the snare from its tether, otherwise, she would have died at the trap site over a matter of many days - leaving her cub unprotected and alone.

Snares put non-target and endangered animals at risk, including our family dogs! There is absolutely no reasonable use of snares anywhere in the U.S. but most especially not on public lands, to include national parks, wildlands, and wildlife refuges!

Tweet legislators about passing H.F. 2160 to prohibit the use of snares in Minnesota!



Tweet-sheets from EcoUprising!

EcoUprising - Stop Senate plans to deslist wolves permanently!

EcoUprising - Save America's National Mammal from Slaughter

Eco-Uprising: Vote NO on National Refuge wildlife slaughters, Alaska



SB 437

Senate Bill 437, sponsored by Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska)


SB 1416

S.B. 1416, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.)


SB 3317

S.B. 3317, sponsored by Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah)


HR 5780

“Public Lands Initiative,” H.R. 5780, developed by House Natural Resources Committee Chairman Rob Bishop (R-Utah)


HR 5780 would seize millions of acres of federal, publicly owned land in Utah and give it to state officials for mining and oil and gas drilling by private companies. Would you like to know more?