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Resources - VoteSmart!

One of the most user-friendly tools available today for citizens to learn how their congressmen and senators are voting on bills is VoteSmart! Please share this video with all you know and consider contributing to Vote Smart today, simply visit us at http://www.votesmart.org/donate. Vote Smart does not accept contributions from lobbyists, special interest groups or PACs, and instead we rely on concerned citizens like you for growth and support.

Founded by 40 national leaders such as Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford, Vote Smart's Voter's Self-Defense System took 16 years to build and includes factual, unbiased information on more than 40,000 candidates and elected officials, all free and accessible at www.votesmart.org or call toll-free 1-888-VOTESMART.


Video transcript:

To the whole world it was an astounding leap of faith when our founding fathers cast political power out to the people. They created a form government based on the truth, transparency, on the people's ability to know the facts and govern for themselves. They took an historic gamble that every generation of Americans would do what was necessary to defend those basic principles of freedom. They would be sickened to see how their dream is being corrupted.

I have struggled to think of the right words to say here.

It's as if the words have lost their meaning. Politicians have stripped them of truth and drained them of any value. The crass selfishness of modern day politicians has made us all dangerously mistrusting of each other and almost anything said or written. Ugliness has become contagious.

Somewhere politicians decided it was more efficient to move us emotionally rather than persuade us intellectually. They push fear because it sells. Our government has become inept, elected officials irresponsible, and the candidates' behavior reprehensible. As candidates deceive us and disparage each other, they degrade the nation.

Campaigns have always been bitterly fought, but when truth can no longer catch up with the lies and the selfish interests will not be set aside for the common good, they cripple our nation.

This is our time. This is our generation's challenge. We have the means to reign these people in - end this cancer eating at the very heart of our society - and the founders wagered that we would fight.

Out of the ugliness, a bright light is being lit - a voter's self-defense system that enables any citizen to instantly access abundant, accurate, and relevant information about our representatives - or those who wish to replace them. Tolerance of these people is no longer our only option. Today, thanks to the internet, we can communicate and educate on a level never known before. We now have the ability to examine a politician's background, their finances, every statement they make, issue positions, voting histories, public records. We can instantly determine who these people are and what they are likely to do for us - or to us.

A great start has been made at VoteSmart where thousands of people have volunteered from all over the country, some conservative, some liberal - but all putting their differences aside for the common good and in defense of each citizen's right to truth. According to U.S. News and World Report, VoteSmart would make the founders weep with joy. If you haven't experienced VoteSmart, log on with votesmart.org. Or if you prefer, just call 888-votesmart and talk to your own personal researcher who will look up anything you want to know about any candidate.

We need you to understand how important this effort is. You voting smart is not nearly enough. We need millions of Americans Voting Smart. Arent' you sick of the deceit?

It is time for you and every thinking American to saddle up and defend that most crucial component in our struggle to self-government: our right to know. Join our volunteers and interns. Defend the right of every citizen to the truth. If you can't volunteer, then support those who can. Become a contributing member. At least share this message with a dozen of your friends and family. Think of those people you know who deserve the facts.

From all of us working here, thank you for listening to this message, visiting our website, and hopefully sharing this with all those you know. As the founders knew, our nation's future depends on the people being knowledgeable, having the facts, and taking command.