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Activist Signup

A work in progress...
Remember when we shared that we are a brand new effort in wildlife defense? If you have questions or suggestions, please don't hesitate to email them! We expect that the signup forms will be upgraded periodically as we receive input from volunteers and from various conservation organizations regarding their needs and preferences. Please exercise patience with us as we evolve.


The entire reason for signing up to indicate a desire to attend public meetings, meetings with legislators, and/or permitted peaceful events supporting consesrvation. This will allow conservation organizations to be aware of how many activists are ready to make a stand in specific areas. The goal is to organize and co-ordinate so that effective numbers can be gathered to make a statement that cannot be ignored. When there are enough activists registered as ready in your area, events will be scheduled - hopefully by multiple conservation groups - and you will be notified.

A certain number of wildlife defense events are scheduled regardless of how many have signed up as available. These are events that absolutely must take place whether there are significant numbers of activists available or not. You will find these event schedules here.

Please be sure to include any pertinent details in the "Message" section! For example, how far from your preferred location are you able to travel? Will you need transportation? If you have transportation, are you able to carpool with others near you to the event and if so, how many can your vehicle accomodate?

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