Unite to Fight!

Save the Planet while We are Saving the Planet!

What each of us has in our toolbox for helping reduce our own footprint varies greatly. In addition, some of the tools we currently may have available are not yet truly green options. However, sharing information that can help us all minimize our contritution to pollution and climate changes is in everyone's best interests.

How can we minimize our own footprints as we are defending the Earth? Simple ideas are often most useful.

  • Organize car and van pools whenever possible.
  • Set up teams to police the area after the event! Don't give the opposition a way to discredit our event! Leave the area cleaner than you found it!
  • If interacting with local businesses in the event area, be aware that our conduct must be exemplarary in all ways. Otherwise, locals will find reasons to hate us and though us - our cause!
  • Keep your day(s) simple! Complicated personal planning causes problems.

Who has more suggestions? Please share here!

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