Unite the Fight!

About Rising Storm

Many of us have seen the need for some of us to step outside ongoing specific actions - long enough to faciliate the organization of many supporters ... of many organizations ... into a single cross-purpose entity, enabling great numbers of volunteer advocates to stand together for wildlife conservation.

There are many wildlife defense and conservation organizations, all working hard for specific species. Each organization recognizes that many species are at risk and that losing one can jeopardize many species...or in our worst nightmares, potentially all wildlife via ecosystem collapse. Given that there are multiple attacks on each species - involving multiple regions or states - and spearheaded by multiple instances of what can be called a hydra of decimation...each organization is hard-pressed to stay ahead of extinction for the single species holding their focus.

So many obstacles exist! How do we reach all organizations?...or even most? How can we best enable each organization to continue their focus while connecting them with volunteer advocates - organized by locale and specific availability parameters - and then help fund basic necessities for those organiztions so that they can enable their volunteer advocates to participate in nothing less than saving a big piece of this planet's ecoystem?

Any organization smaller than the mega-groups is struggling for the funds to keep their efforts moving forward! They have nothing left over to help fund volunteer advocate participation. The mega-groups are involved in the high dollar law suits and ad campaigns. They don't have the time to involve us - the majority of the American people - in much more than sending them donations. If they had the time, it's likely that they'd choose to stay their course. They'd likely feel that engaging on a new, different front and in a new manner would be splintering their focus...and perhaps they'd be correct.

How to help, then? Our first goals are:

#1 Build a database of volunteer activists.

How will this work? Rising Storm will search for and record all volunteers and sort those records by the parameters chosen by the volunteers.

  • Area: city or region the advocate chooses
  • Species of interest - if the volunteer prefers focusing on a limited number of wildlife species
  • Activities of interest:
    • Activism from home: Public comments, letters, emails, phone calls, tweetstorms, and/or petitions
    • Limited travel for events and/or meetings with agencies, media, and legislators
    • Help organizing local events. Examples could be everything from a bake sale or car wash...all the way up to a free outdoor concert or movie with speakers addressing the conservation issue at hand.

#2: Contact organizations for collaboration.

    The are three potential stumbing blocks anticipated so far:
  • Conservation organizations are likely accustomed to every Peter, Paul, and Mary wanting to sell them a product.
    Rising Storm isn't selling products. We are offering whatever free services are found to be needed for organizing the real power - The People.
  • Making contact with decision-makers of an organization can sometimes be time-consuming.
  • Fundraising efforts and withdrawals must be reported regularly and accurately to all volunteers. Full transparency can require some cooperation from collaborators, but is absolutely essential that Rising Storm is able to give a full and complete accounting to the businesses offering to lend a hand and the volunteers offering their time and participation.

Currently - and for the foreseeable future - all fundraising efforts are covered by Rising Storm by partnering with multiple businesses that are willing to guarantee a percentage of their own profits going to wildlife conservation.

Funds are expected to be reserved for any group transportation costs, materials for hand-outs, door-to-door campaign materials, species-specific-artwork postcards + stamps... targeting legislators and media, and event banners/signs.

The Rising Storm team is thankful to our web development agency for creating our site, but we are the ones working to upload content and events...as well as detailing functions and organizational needs on the fly. Please bear with us and offer your input!