Unite the Fight!

Conservation Coalition Sponsors

Rising Storm - Wildlife Conservation Remember when we told you that we are new? The goal is to include many businesses here that commit to sponsoring wildlife conservation efforts. Some businesses will likely sponsor all organization events while others might choose to sponsor specific ones only.

How does this help? Many times, an organization will raise funds for events via an online or local auction. If their supporters see those events, well and good. But how often have we learned that there was a fundraiser for a cause that we support...but it was last week?

Business supporters can maintain a longer - or even permanent - support option. So? I am going to buy certain items on a fairly regular basis, right? How much more satisfied will I be when I can buy those items from a company that will send a significant percentage of their profit to a conservation group that I support? Do you know what that is? That is doing our regular shopping while motivating the retailer to donate to our favorite causes! For consumbers, that's a win/win scenario. For businesses that are committed to conservation, that's a win/win scenario!

No - the big corporations are not likely to participate, but are they the businesses that we really want to support, anyway? Whether their products are available nationally, regionally, or only locally - it's important to support local business, right? Let's use our consumer power to motivate businesses to Get Involved!

To date, we have at least one business sponsor (number 2 sponsor pending) helping to raise funds for:

  • ...printed education materials
  • ...printed petitions
  • ...signage materials for events
  • ...transportation aid to events

Sponsor information and contact will be uploaded ASAP!