Unite to Fight!

Resistance is Synonymous with Patriotism!

While we sincerely appreciate the strong efforts of Independent and Democrat senators who were involved in questioning cabinet nominees and who opposed confirmation of those with a history of putting profit above all else to the bitter end...we are going to be forced to push our good senators hard in the next four years if we are to be effective in efforts to save our environment/public lands and its wildlife. Unfortunately, we are going to need our legislators to embarrass themselves, if needed. If reasonable discussion is failing, obstruct! Learn lessons from the last few years of GOP obstructionism. It will leave a bad taste in your mouths. It will make you feel a bit dirty. But the bottom line is that we all must work as hard as possible to stave off the damage to our resources that has been promised!

As a nation, we have been witnesses to the GOP moves to shut down the government - meaning no paychecks for many thousands of employees, including our military. We have watched the GOP refuse to meet, throw temper tantrums at every possible opportunity, and otherwise show their bright red arses to get their way...with NO concern for American citizens. NO concern for their own constituents. To top off that rancid slice of pie with a putrid cherry...we have watched the GOP then lay the blame for their own actions onto the Democratic Party.

And what about those Dems? They tend to hate throwing temper tantrums...being obstructionists. That is very likely what will be required of them to minimize the selling off of America's resources and toxification of our land, water, and air. At least until we can vote in enough Democrats and Independents to balance the current GOP aggression, we have to push our legislators to hold that line at all costs!

It doesn't matter what color party we support as long as we are supporting policies that enable the short-term AND long-term health of America! At this point in time, the biggest threat to the health of America and freedom of her people is the Republican Party, but let's not dance around the campfire over that, please. The pendulum has swung before...and it will swing again. Expect to be forced to bring the Dem Party back under control within a short few years of getting the GOP back on track! That's just the way it is and none of us really care, do we? We care about healthy, sustainable policies, right? So let's get BUSY!

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